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Ep. 126 Boobin’ Right w/ guest Mike Moore from Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks!

We are joined this week by dear friend and wonderful person Mike Moore of the Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks internet radio program! We talk about folks who sex trees, folks who sex rocks, folks who sex mountains, folks who sex horses, and folks who sex mailboxes! We talk about other fun stuff too, so you should definitely listen! And eeeenjooooyyyyy!!!!!

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Ep. 118 Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

We’re back, baby!!! Back with the hot topics (What does Kermit’s finger smell like? What does old lady love making sound like? What percentage of men actually jerk and drive? ) you’ve been waiting lo these many weeks to hear about! We missed you, hope you missed us!!! Muah and eeeenjoy it!!!! ♥

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