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Ep. 226 Bimbo Baggins

Hi babies! We got political again this week, whoopsies! We updated one of our most loved Weird News stories (The Cat Man of Shoshoni)! We talked about Aziz Ansari, the poor bastard! Other stuff too! Enjoy, love you, bye!

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Ep. 152 Biscuits n’ Gravy

We’re back for a short little episode that is long on hilarity!!! We talked our usual nonsense, about the nastiest weird news story we may have ever encountered, how Dan learned to stop worrying and just speak in tongues, and THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT IN FIRNECAST HISTORY!!!!!! Do NOT miss this!!! And enjoy it!!!

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Ep. 148 Pee Sex

Dan’s back, back again! Yes he’s back, tell a friend (really, we could use some new listeners)! We talked about all kinds of stuff this week. An update on the angry comedy dentist, the definition of private parts, and the romantic world of “water work”. Enjooooy!!! Kisses!!!

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