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Ep. 253 Pod and the Realm-y

We spent a decade of our lives with Game of Thrones, so this week we Mind Topix-ed the hell out of it! We also came up with some spin-offs to help you cope with the loss and ’twas high times in “the realm” of Weird News also, chums! Enjoyeth!!!

Download HERE!

Ep. 138 Fundle

Not only are we clearing out the brain lint this week, we’re setting that sh*t on FIRE, just like grandpa taught us!!! We answer the following supremely important questions: “who does “it” better, Kurt or Billy?”, “what would happen if Mandy went to Burning Man, took peyote, and found out her spirit animal was a hippo?”, “what’s a twat punch?” Enjoyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs! Kisses!

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