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Ep. 145 Crotch Hopper

Donald Trump 2016, folks! Oh yes, we give you an in-depth discussion of his political prospects, classiness, and penis size this week! Plus, we talk about dead bats, solve the mystery of a missing corpse, and Dan does something so horrifying you’ll just have to listen to find out because I can’t discuss it. Just ew. Anyway, eeeenjoy this!!!! Muah!

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Ep. 134 Ass Butt

We’re giving you a golden ticket to fun this week, folks! Oh yes, this ticket entitles you to: the explosive revelation from THE JINX that the media is too scared to talk about, a short musical about the love between a sheepherder and his best gal Lanolin, and the most important invention of our generation, the Barf Barrier! Buy the ticket, take the ride! And eeeenjoy ittttt!!!! ♥

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