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Ep. 164 Farts & Danger

This week Dan bestows us with the glorious gift of song! Not only does he sing show tunes, but also rather obscure, exceedingly filthy 90’s girl group soul songs. We also talk about the sexual feelings old timey mountaineers had towards the Grand Tetons, Bugs Bunny’s overt racism, and the differences between rural drinkin and city drinkin! Join us, won’t you? Love you, enjoy, muah muah muah!!!

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Ep. 145 Crotch Hopper

Donald Trump 2016, folks! Oh yes, we give you an in-depth discussion of his political prospects, classiness, and penis size this week! Plus, we talk about dead bats, solve the mystery of a missing corpse, and Dan does something so horrifying you’ll just have to listen to find out because I can’t discuss it. Just ew. Anyway, eeeenjoy this!!!! Muah!

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Ep. 134 Ass Butt

We’re giving you a golden ticket to fun this week, folks! Oh yes, this ticket entitles you to: the explosive revelation from THE JINX that the media is too scared to talk about, a short musical about the love between a sheepherder and his best gal Lanolin, and the most important invention of our generation, the Barf Barrier! Buy the ticket, take the ride! And eeeenjoy ittttt!!!! ♥

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