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Ep. 179 Jack Counting

We’re back from vacation and it’s pretty clear that absence did NOT make Dan’s heart grow fonder. We giggled about butts, debated the monetary value of a penis, and, just like every other idiot on the planet, talked about Pokemon Go. Enjoy, please!!!!!!!

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Ep. 178 Fat Pad

Well folks, we solved racism this week. Not only that, but we learned how to make your penis bigger, a surefire way to get banned from the Waffle House, and that there’s really only one game created around farts. Enjoy this. Please. ❤

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Ep. 175 Gus & Schmalbert

Delve into the racial politics of an 8 year old’s birthday party, a lady becoming one with a toilet seat, and the interview of the century with former Donald Trump spokesperson John Miller! Also, John Barron makes an appearance, and Donald Trump himself shows up… It got weird. We had fun. Enjoooy!!!! We love you!

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