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Ep. 146 Treasured Mineral

Oh, it’s a doozy this week, guys! A real doozy! We talk about Rue McClanahan-ing, crude instruments, and the Duggar’s secret sex code. We also dissolve into laughter at a certain point, but you like it when we do that, don’t you? Don’t you?!!! Please to enjoy this! Love you!!!

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Ep. 143 The Wubba

He’s back, baby!!!! The “triumphant” return of Dan!!!!!! We got all caught up on the doin’s and whatnots of the last two months, talked about old ladies and their carnal pleasures, and generally had a hoot and a holler! Enjoy this!!!!!!!!

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Ep. 118 Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

We’re back, baby!!! Back with the hot topics (What does Kermit’s finger smell like? What does old lady love making sound like? What percentage of men actually jerk and drive? ) you’ve been waiting lo these many weeks to hear about! We missed you, hope you missed us!!! Muah and eeeenjoy it!!!! ♥

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