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Ep. 211 Flower Phallus

Hi loves! We had some weird computer issues and the music didn’t play at the beginning of the show and Dan was all weird about it. But don’t worry, we still had fun and there was a lady with a gun in her hoo and all the other stuff you love us for. We laughed and drank Arbor Mist. Love you, bye!!!!

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Ep. 198 Jack Wang: Private Investigator

We chitted and chatted about a great many things this week, some of which were: guys and guns and where they put them in a pinch, drunken canines, morning wood, and oh so much more! Please enjoy this! Please! Love you, squinches!!!

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Ep. 144 Urinary Meatus

Sex pistols, geriatric pleasure tools, and beach whackers, oh my!!! Not only that, but we have a very special edition of Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner that you don’t want to miss… It was embarrassing, painful, and perhaps slightly illegal. Eeeenjoy thisssss!!!!!

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