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Ep. 208 Dicksplore

Dan’s back and we’re up to our usual hijinx! How to make money on a creek toilet business, Usher’s not so secret excretions, and the adult eclipse experience you never knew you always needed are just a few of the topics we covered… We also had a super fun surprise you HAVE to hear!!! Love you squinches bye!!!!

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Ep. 136 Wiggle Wiggle Waggle

The game show everyone (Mandy) loves, Firnecast Filth Feud, is BACK this week and better (worse) than ever! Not only that, but we chat about Jay’s elaborate nether grooming habits, a new character called Herpe the Hippo, and we debut a new drop on the soundboard that will blow. your. mind.! Enjoy, you can’t help it cause it’s fun!!!! Yay!!!

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