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Ep. 135 Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital

“I can feel my eggs swelling,” is a quote from Dan that you will only fully appreciate if you listen to the show! You can also fully appreciate the dangerous combination of fire ants and nudity, what Madonna’s mouth tastes like, and the best damn beaver hospital in the country! Enjoooy, loves!!!! ♥

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Ep. 134 Ass Butt

We’re giving you a golden ticket to fun this week, folks! Oh yes, this ticket entitles you to: the explosive revelation from THE JINX that the media is too scared to talk about, a short musical about the love between a sheepherder and his best gal Lanolin, and the most important invention of our generation, the Barf Barrier! Buy the ticket, take the ride! And eeeenjoy ittttt!!!! ♥

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Ep. 118 Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

We’re back, baby!!! Back with the hot topics (What does Kermit’s finger smell like? What does old lady love making sound like? What percentage of men actually jerk and drive? ) you’ve been waiting lo these many weeks to hear about! We missed you, hope you missed us!!! Muah and eeeenjoy it!!!! ♥

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