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Ep. 223 Wieners Are Evergreen

We’re sassier than a horse ridden by a failed Senatorial candidate this week, whoo boy! We talked about coked up clowns, Taylor Swift’s mercurial new husband, and explored the 70’s hobo love jam that is Auntie’s Porn. Love you, squinches, bye!

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Ep. 186 Ponycycle

*Trigger Warning* If you are triggered by the gentle coughing of a beautiful lady recovering from an illness, this is not the episode for you. Mandy had a slight case of the coughs and it could not have angered Dan more. Aside from that, we chatted about elderly vaginal dryness, hooking for burgers, and virginity pledges. We love you, sorry for the coughs!!! Squinches!!!

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Ep. 171 Owl Hoot

There was a lot of laughter this week, and maybe a few tears… But from laughter. We talked about crack pipes in vaginas & butts, performing yoga atop a horse, and some creepy God stuff that will make your skin crawl. If you have skin. Which I hope you do. Listen & enjoy! Please! Cause we want you too. Squinches!!! ❤

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