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Ep. 126 Boobin’ Right w/ guest Mike Moore from Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks!

We are joined this week by dear friend and wonderful person Mike Moore of the Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks internet radio program! We talk about folks who sex trees, folks who sex rocks, folks who sex mountains, folks who sex horses, and folks who sex mailboxes! We talk about other fun stuff too, so you should definitely listen! And eeeenjooooyyyyy!!!!!

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Ep. 125 Fuzzy Britches

There are a lot of sick people in this world… One of them is on this podcast! (hint: it’s Dan) We talked about some horses and their lovers, some issues going on in the polar bear community (please donate to our new charity, Save the Polar Dicks!), and also the awkward changes one will go through during that thing they call puberty. STAY TUNED for our glorious Easter Egg!!! You won’t regret it!!!! Enjoy.

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P.S. Mandy, you aren’t supposed to TELL people about the Easter Egg. That’s what makes it an Easter Egg. GOD. –Dan.

Ep. 124 AKA Happy Ending :)

Knock knock, you about to get shell shocked in this week’s super fun time episode! We explore the seedy underbelly of our fair town’s Craigslist M2M ads (Age: 67, Sex: M, Body type: Heavy), Dan gives some incredibly bizarre and, quite frankly, horrible relationship advice, and we try to save the world by euthanizing anyone who has ever slept with Dustin Diamond. Enjooooy!!!!

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