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Ep. 120 Whoopie Goldberg Farts

Did you know that Dan published a women’s quarterly magazine called Penis Pages? Well, he did, and you’ll be surprised to find out the celebrity that made his first nude appearance in it! We also discussed Whoopie Goldberg’s air biscuits for 20 minutes… Yes, it was 20 minutes. Please to enjoy, we love you!!!

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Ep. 119 Sitcom Christmas Special

Merry Christmas and Happy Jingle Balls, darling listeners!!! You are a gift to us!!! We tried our best to ruin Christmas for you, did we succeed? Santa’s spankin’ playlist, Dan’s grumpy grumping, and the joyful singing of obscene Christmas carols… Join us, won’t you?! ♥♥♥

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Ep. 118 Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

We’re back, baby!!! Back with the hot topics (What does Kermit’s finger smell like? What does old lady love making sound like? What percentage of men actually jerk and drive? ) you’ve been waiting lo these many weeks to hear about! We missed you, hope you missed us!!! Muah and eeeenjoy it!!!! ♥

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