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Ep. 182 Hairy Nub

There was a guy with a hairy nub, Olympic dreams were shattered by a penis, and some genitals were mule kicked… We talked about so many more things, and we had ourselves a giggle. Please to enjoy, we love you!!!

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Ep. 171 Owl Hoot

There was a lot of laughter this week, and maybe a few tears… But from laughter. We talked about crack pipes in vaginas & butts, performing yoga atop a horse, and some creepy God stuff that will make your skin crawl. If you have skin. Which I hope you do. Listen & enjoy! Please! Cause we want you too. Squinches!!! ❤

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Ep. 143 The Wubba

He’s back, baby!!!! The “triumphant” return of Dan!!!!!! We got all caught up on the doin’s and whatnots of the last two months, talked about old ladies and their carnal pleasures, and generally had a hoot and a holler! Enjoy this!!!!!!!!

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