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Ep. 193 Whale Balls

*Note, Mandy was in charge so there were more technical issues than usual. Sorry, I love you!* Hello beautifuls!!! It’s us, your pals, and this week we talked about a septuagenarian rub & tugger, a 300 lb man chasing women around with his pants around his ankles, omnibeings, and oh so much more! Join us on the road of friendship and adventure, won’t you? We love you so much!!! Squinches!!!!

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Ep. 135 Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital

“I can feel my eggs swelling,” is a quote from Dan that you will only fully appreciate if you listen to the show! You can also fully appreciate the dangerous combination of fire ants and nudity, what Madonna’s mouth tastes like, and the best damn beaver hospital in the country! Enjoooy, loves!!!! ♥

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Ep. 130 Patches the Marijuana Clown

It’s a wild one this week, folks, so hold on to your butts! We discuss the so-called “marijuana stores” in Colorado, Mandy getting called fat by a guy who has to wear a helmet, and a very special guest drops by to give Dan alcohol and Mandy nothing. Eeeenjoy!!! It!!! Enjoy it!

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