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Ep. 196 Puking Balls

We had a time this week, oh honey! We chatted and gabbed and gabbed and chatted about any number of things, some of which are: an old lady’s ever growing pornography stash, a felonious cleaning lady and her warted son, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner, and so on and so forth! Please to enjoy! We looooove youuuuuu!!!! Squinch!

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Ep. 193 Whale Balls

*Note, Mandy was in charge so there were more technical issues than usual. Sorry, I love you!* Hello beautifuls!!! It’s us, your pals, and this week we talked about a septuagenarian rub & tugger, a 300 lb man chasing women around with his pants around his ankles, omnibeings, and oh so much more! Join us on the road of friendship and adventure, won’t you? We love you so much!!! Squinches!!!!

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