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Ep. 210 Slowhand

Lots of catch up an chit chat as we come back from our forced hiatus (damn you, “the man”!)… We talked bad hangovers and learned too much about Dan, what your boobs look like when you’re weaning a baby, and threw in a sprinkle of evangelical preacher nonsense. Enjoy darlings, we missed you!!!!!

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Ep. 209 Werewolfin’

Nazis are bad, folks! Indiana Jones punched them, that’s how you know! Not only that, but a newer, worser male contraceptive has been invented, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner can and did get even cringier than usual, and a love punch involves less love than you might think. Join us cause it’s fun! Squinches!!!!!

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Ep. 196 Puking Balls

We had a time this week, oh honey! We chatted and gabbed and gabbed and chatted about any number of things, some of which are: an old lady’s ever growing pornography stash, a felonious cleaning lady and her warted son, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner, and so on and so forth! Please to enjoy! We looooove youuuuuu!!!! Squinch!

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