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Ep. 254 Pants Alligator

Have you ever had an alligator in your pants? Yes? Then you’re probably from Florida! We also talked about priests and their sick fetishes, naked basketball, and ever so much more. Enjoy it!!!!

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Ep. 162 Blue Waffle House

Dan is still miserable, Mandy is still pregnant, and the world is still a crazy place. We talk about bellydancing for fitness, a very grope-y police officer, and how many people we’d like to see naked. Also, a ‘Merica! update, and a trip down memory lane with everybody’s (except Mandy’s) favorite segment: Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner! Ennnnjoy this episode so much!!! Squinches!!!

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Ep. 149 My Wuzzit

Flatulent guys deserve employment, too! Not only that, but Donald Sutherland pronounces bosom weirdly, there is an American Association of Nude Recreation, and the Duck Dynasty clan is NOT full of wisdom. Enjoy this episode, won’t you??? Muah!!!

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