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Ep. 132 Irish Swim Trunks

Which podcast covered the Robert Durst story before anyone else and has six thumbs?! THIS ONE. Aside from bragging about ourselves, we also chit chat about the Irish curse (and accompanying swim trunks), and we bring you another installment of the bosom-heaving you crave: Grandma’s Porn!

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Ep. 131 Pussy Fingers

Boy howdy! This week’s episode was filled with all sorts of nonsense that we are just SURE you will love to pieces. We revisit our energy drink manufacturing friend, discuss a lady with vagina berries on her finger tips, and debut a new segment, Grandma’s Porn! Listen, and enjoy, won’t you! Love love love and squinch squinch squinch! Blah! That’s how Mandy usually writes these things, right?

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Ep. 130 Patches the Marijuana Clown

It’s a wild one this week, folks, so hold on to your butts! We discuss the so-called “marijuana stores” in Colorado, Mandy getting called fat by a guy who has to wear a helmet, and a very special guest drops by to give Dan alcohol and Mandy nothing. Eeeenjoy!!! It!!! Enjoy it!

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