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Ep. 173 Die With a Boner

We had a song in our hearts this week, along with the usual filth. We also had an in-depth discussion of the coolest letter (it’s clearly z), some super racist middle schoolers, and deadly genital spider bites. Join us, and enjoy!!! Enjoyyyy!!!

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Ep. 171 Owl Hoot

There was a lot of laughter this week, and maybe a few tears… But from laughter. We talked about crack pipes in vaginas & butts, performing yoga atop a horse, and some creepy God stuff that will make your skin crawl. If you have skin. Which I hope you do. Listen & enjoy! Please! Cause we want you too. Squinches!!! ❤

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Ep. 170 The Fundus From Down Undus

Did you miss us?!?? Don’t tell us if you didn’t, it would break our hearts. We came back with a vengeance, with topics including- the magical story of Mandy giving birth, road kill photography, and a dude whacking it forever and ever. Enjoooy, we love you!¡!¡!

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