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Ep. 237 Human Quilt

Hey, hey, hey best friends!!! It’s a new show for you after a terrible long absence. We talked about the many ways one can accidentally come into possession of narcotics, did a round of “Is This Weird to Cry About?”, and lots of other fun stuff. Enjoy, love you, bye!

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Ep. 168 Jackin’ for Jesus

What’s the best way to celebrate Leap Day? How can a person get accidentally possessed by demons? Is giving birth really that hard or are women just huge pansies? We answer all these questions, and so many more… So tune in & ENJOY IT!!!!!!! Muah, muah, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, squinch!!!!

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Ep. 147 Grumpypants Bitchface

It’s a show full of angry comedy dentists, sibling assisted suicide, interpretive racism, and consensual groping! And all kinds of other stuff that you do NOT want to miss, because if you do you’ll be that lame-o that doesn’t get the inside jokes. Enjoy!!! Enjoy, I say!!! Kisses!

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