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Ep. 249 Surprise!

Hey friends! Dan is still gone, but our sweet friend Mike helped us record a show for you. We did a deep dive into Michael Jackson and boy was it creepy. We also went balls deep in Joel Osteen cause he’s the worst. Enjoy!

Download HERE!


Ep. 247 Mr. Wiggle

A lady ended up with a damn python in her shoe, there’s a real guy named Pastor Kumm, and you don’t even want to know about the Squirt Bandit… That and so much more on this silly little show we do just for you. Enjoy it!!! Muah.

Download HERE!


Ep. 221 Spanksgiving

Did you have a happy Thanksgiving? Or perhaps you had a happy Spanksgiving, you filthy little minx! Deadly marriage-ending farts, forcible hugging, a cringey edition of Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner,.and ever so much more await your darling ears this week! We heart you unmercifully! Squinch!!!

Download HERE!