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Ep. 240 Quicksand

Nazis are among us, everyone in Wyoming can burn in hell, and children are no longer being taught train safety so they’re probably going to get their hands chopped off. It’s dark times but we make light of it, my pretties. Enjoy it!!!

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Ep. 238 Kill Hole

There are a lot of holes in this world. The worst one of all? The Kill Hole. Also this week we talked about some guys who love animals (in the Biblical sense), a baby man who tricked ladies into changing his dipey, and ever so much more. Enjoy it!!!

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Ep. 184 Tor of Tang

Hello there, it’s us, The Firnecast! This week we told the romantic tale of a man, his mountain, his ladies, his horse, and his gasoline. We also discussed Dan’s imminent demise due to arm cancer, Mandy’s upcoming stand up comedy routine, terrible nasty farts, and so much more! Enjoy this one, folks! We love you to bits n’ bits!!!!!

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