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Ep. 263 Santa & the Jinglemen

So. Mistakes were made, and this pre-Christmas episode was somehow lost in the shuffle. We are going to post it, anyway, but if it seems out of order, that’s why. I can only blame Mandy. Speaking of Mandy, here’s the description she wrote for this episode:

The nog was not plentiful this week, but the laughs were. We had a bunch of weird Wyoming news, and we kicked off our holiday season with a reading from the Chick tract “Humbug”! Enjoooy it, my jingle friends!

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Ep. 243 Jingle Balls 2018

Merry Christmas, ya little stinkies!!!! We talked Christmas movies, exchanged presents, and hilarity ensued! We love you, our precious gifts!!! Hope your holiday is merry & bright!!!

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Ep. 122 Mucho Vajina

“You can’t eat AIDS,” is just one of the amazing nuggets of wisdom we sprinkle onto the yogurt of your beautiful brains this week! We also talked about Santa’s personal trainer, The Masturbatory Habits of the Middle Aged Man, and the similarities between lady bits and Robert Duvall’s neck. You will enjoy this show if you’re that kind of person!!!

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