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Ep. 204 Bipolar Bear

There sure was a lot of chitting and chatting going on this week! Some of it was about a pooper, some of it was about a poop groper, some of it was about a fateful DC Talk concert, and there was oh so much more! Enjoy friends, with all our love! Squinch!!!!!

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Ep. 183 Gravel Dick

Dan is still on location, but we love you so much we still recorded a show! This week we give you some tips on getting away with public masturbation, rolling around in the grass because you’re sad, and we introduced a new segment all about the glorious 90’s!!! Please enjoy, we love you!!!!!

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Ep. 181 Rolling Commode

Old men are pretty damn disgusting, we learned this week. We also learned that you can get a helluva bargain on adult diapers on Facebook, the ethics of dating an animal, and the effectiveness of weaponized breast milk! Please join us and please enjoy it!!!!! Muah!!!!

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