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Ep. 230 Deer Milk

Naked ATV riding, thousands of dollars worth of deer semen, yet more penises drawn into children’s cartoons, and ever so much more is headed your way on this week’s show. Love you, squinches, bye!!!

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Ep. 224 Cinnamon Pube

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!!! We are bringing you all the nog and cheer you need this week, with a very special edition of everyone’s favorite game, Blood or Semen?! We also talked some Christmas crime, poopy pants, and played a drinking game! Love you, hope your holiday is merry & bright!!!!

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Ep. 004 Dry Hump Jack

This week we are still Dan-less, but it’s ok because we have Matt & Joe from The Lotuscast to fill the void! The sound is a little iffy, but bear with us, it’s worth it I promise!!! We talked about the epic struggle of man vs. gator, the weird way Joe pleasures himself while driving, and we play everybody’s favorite/least favorite game, Blood or Semen?! Enjoy this!!!!!

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