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Ep. 246 Reputable HJ

Oh, folks! We had a rip-roaring show this week. So many hoots, so many hollers. Please join us for toilet snakes, a very revealing Confessions From Stink Town, and a rousing game of Blood or Semen! Enjoy it!

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Ep. 188 Poop a Penis

Oh God. Really? We talked about some things… Like toilet snakes (scourge of humanity), perverted landlord love making, the vast web of conspiracy encompassing the globe (#pizzagate) and ever so much more! Join us, won’t you? And forgive us for we have sinned. Love you, bye!!! Squinches!

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Ep. 140 ToiletSnakeApocalypse

In addition to in-depth conversation about the most pressing, urgent danger facing our generation (the scourge of the toilet snake), we also talked about these fine things: the feature film Dumpster Baby, heroic bear punching, and Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner. But mostly the snake thing. So join us on the road to great adventure and listen! And enjoy! Muah!!!

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