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Ep. 134 Ass Butt

We’re giving you a golden ticket to fun this week, folks! Oh yes, this ticket entitles you to: the explosive revelation from THE JINX that the media is too scared to talk about, a short musical about the love between a sheepherder and his best gal Lanolin, and the most important invention of our generation, the Barf Barrier! Buy the ticket, take the ride! And eeeenjoy ittttt!!!! ♥

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Ep. 132 Irish Swim Trunks

Which podcast covered the Robert Durst story before anyone else and has six thumbs?! THIS ONE. Aside from bragging about ourselves, we also chit chat about the Irish curse (and accompanying swim trunks), and we bring you another installment of the bosom-heaving you crave: Grandma’s Porn!

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