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Ep. 192 Pansexual

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We talked about the blood fued brewing between us & the Sklar brothers, the consequences of indiscreet public masturbation, true crime tidbits, & ever so much more! Join us, won’t you? We love you forever!!!

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Ep. 173 Die With a Boner

We had a song in our hearts this week, along with the usual filth. We also had an in-depth discussion of the coolest letter (it’s clearly z), some super racist middle schoolers, and deadly genital spider bites. Join us, and enjoy!!! Enjoyyyy!!!

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Ep. 161 The Dickening

We are just full of good advice this week! Stuff about how to commit murder on Justin Bieber, how to spend your Powerball winnings, and how to avoid the deadly trap of buying the Playboy Mansion. Also, we introduce our fun new segment, ‘MERICA!, which we hope will bring you just as much joy as it brings us. And butts and inside out vaginas and the usual stuff, too! Enjoy!!!! ♥

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