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Ep. 220 Trucker Bomb

Yo! Hey! Hi! Hello! This week we talked about trucker pee and poo, but we also got a little real on ya. That’s right, we are giving you a scathing condemnation of the criminal justice system and a full explanation of the great “skool go boom boom” scandal of 2017! It’s still fun, I promise! Love you, bye! 

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Ep. 217 Spooooookyyyyyy!!!!

Oooooo, booooooo, scaaaaaryyyyyy!!!!!! Be warned, friends, this show will frighten you to your very core and chill your sweet, loving bones!!!!! Fun serial killers and haunted places and the scariest topics your brain can handle! Oooooo!!!!!! 

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Ep. 216 Harry Hole

This week Dan stomped on Mandy’s dreams (no surprises there), The Fattening, how many horny pervs live in your neighborhood, and of course a greased up guy in a thong. And oh so much more! Squinch! Love you, bye!

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