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Ep. 191 Krissy

Oh, hi! We got all caught up from the holidays, declared our fatness, and talked a bunch of true crime on account of true crime tidbits. So fun. Enjoy! Squinches!!!!!

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Ep. 187 Nards

Ready to giggle? Then this is the show for you!!! We dissected a true crime case involving a tuna can and a penis, possibly blasphemed the holy spirit (haha, not really Lord, please let us into heaven), and hot conservative lady meat. Enjoy, we love you!!!!!!!!

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Ep. 141 Cahoots!

Oooh, there were some cahoots going on this week. Big time. What cahoots and who was in them? Oh, you’ll find out… Aside from the cahoots, there were terrible revelations made about the entire male gender and we discuss the eternal consequences of self-pleasure (hand babies!!!). Enjoy please!!!

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